Reykjavík Through Food


When you are bound to stay two weeks in Reykjavik (because you made the biggest traveling mistake) you just have to make the best of it. One of the best ways to get to know this city through food, that’s why I decided to go on my own Reykjavik Food Tour. Everyday we would pick different places to try based on on-line reviews, local recommendations or just by running into places. Not all places listed on this post are five starts whatsoever, but honestly I can say that they made my Reykjavik experience worth while. I can genuinely say that I feel this is one of the cities I have gotten to know very well and that I have a fair perspective on. I would spend another two weeks there again, no doubt.


Reykjavik Cafés and Brunch | Reykjavik Tacos and Bar Food | Wine & Cheese at Rekyjavik

Reykjavik Cafés and Brunch

The Coocoo’s Nest



The Cocoo’s Nest is probably one of my favorites places for brunch. If you get to a long street with many green doors that look like storage units – your are in the right place. This restaurant is small but cozy and beautiful. This family restaurant is owned by Lucas Keller and Iris Ann, and it’s inspiration comes from California and Italy. This is a very popular place, so just keep that in mind. During the day they offer a healthy & tasty deli lunch menu with salads, soups, & sandwiches and at night the meals are more Italian influenced.

The Coocoo's Nest on Google Maps The Coocoo's Nest on Facebook The Coocoo's Nest Website

The Laundromat Café



The Laundromat Café‘s first location was created in Copenhagen and their ideas was to create a place you could eat, drink, read,play board games, socialize AND do your laundry. Their menu include homemade food, cakes, juices, milkshakes, coffee, tea, wine and beer. This café was a pretty cool place to hang out at for both brunch and later at night, the staff was very friendly too. However, Reykjavik’s Laundromat Café is located in a very transited street, so it can get pretty busy for brunch.

The Laundromat Café on Google Maps The Laundromat Café on Facebook The Laundromat Café Website

Stofan Café



Stofan Café is a perfect one to have breakfast (we went there a few times). Very balanced meals, and descent portions. I enjoyed the oatmeal and croissant breakfast.

Stofan Café on Google Maps Stofan Café on Facebook

Kaffi Vínyl



Kaffi Vínyl is a café, bar and first fully vegan restaurant in Reykjavik with a very relax atmosphere. It has a very neighborly feeling and they have great Chai Tea.

Kaffi Vínyl on Google Maps Kaffi Vínyl on Facebook Kaffi Vínyl on Instagram

Le Bistro


Le Bistro is a French restaurant with a descent variety of options for breakfast and brunch and also small plates and drinks.

Le Bistro on Google Maps Le Bistro on Facebook Le Bistro's Website

Grai Kotturinn


Grái Kötturinn (The Gray Cat) is good option for early breakfast since they open during the week at 7:15am and 8:00am during the weekend. The only reason we ended up there was just because we heard it was Björk’s favorite. To my surprise I really liked the place, small and cozy, full of books. If I lived in Iceland, this would be my place.

Grái Kötturinn on Google Maps Grái Kötturinn on Facebook

C is for Cookie


The name says it all. I recall this Spanish barista with a big smile, guiding another Spanish girl about how to get around the city and the challenges about living in Iceland. Coffee, pastries, and a very good chocolate cake.

C is for Cookie on Google Maps C is for Cookie on Facebook

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Reykjavik Tacos and Bar Food

Taco Barin



Taco Barin, a place that we visited twice because of interesting flavors and atmosphere. Very bright place (ideal for sunny days) and perfect a dinner for large group of friends.

Taco Barin on Google Maps Taco Barin on Facebook




Prikið, a place to get your “American food” fix and drinks. This 65 year old place is the home of live music and hip-hop in Reykjavík.

Prikið on Google Maps Prikið on Facebook  Prikið's Website

Reykjavík Chips


Reykjavík Chips, a place just for french fries. Tons of dipping sauces, perfect place for an afternoon snack or just at any point, really.

Prikið on Google Maps Reykjavík on Facebook  Reykjavík Chips's Website

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Wine & Cheese at Rekyjavik

Tiu Dropar



I will always remember Tiu Dropar as the romantic spot. Big Brunches were popular, but this place was perfect for early evenings. The whole setting: the candles, the cheese, the waffles. This was one of the oldest cafés in the city, and I talk in the past tense because it’s now closed – for good. I figured I would want to remember this place, because all of the laughs and good memories.



Nora Magasin

This place is one of my favorites for sure. The flamed Camembert was worth a few visits.

Nora Magasin on Google Maps


A healthy option in Reykjavík.

Nat on Google Maps

Saeta Svinid Gastropub

Skyr Cream Cheese Dessert is a must.

Saeta Svinid Gastropub's Website

I am thankful to Iceland for having me for a couple of weeks and feeding me.  What it was interesting to me is just to see the locals interact, the sense of community and sharing. There is so much to see in this world, but honestly I would go to Iceland once a year if possible.  Tiu Dropar will be missed. Did you get to try any of this places? Did you try any places on your own? Leave a comment below with your tips.