Mrs. Vaughan’s Sorrows & Dreams

Capturing Mrs. Agnes Vaughan's possible sorrows and dreams. Living the pain of losing a child, and experiencing a failed marriage.

I had a dream about Red, I saw her wearing this flowy rose dress. It was a very soft and whimsical dream. One night I tell about this dream over drinks, to what she said: “That’s crazy, that’s my favorite color to wear.” That moment we knew we had to make this happen.

This shoot was inspired by Agnes Vaughan Morehouse, owner of the house where we did the photoshoot here in Troy, NY.  Agnes was once married to Bradford Culver Vaughan and had two kids, and only Elmore F. Elmore survived infancy. Around 1888 Agnes ended up divorcing Mr. Vaughan.

Photography and Styling: @untypicalman
Model: @red_molly
Location: @troybnb