3 Podcasts: Other Men, Happy Hour, and Small Towns.

I am a very visual person and really, listening to a podcast is not the first activity that comes to my mind to do. Trying to work while listening to someone talk just sounds like a terrible idea. However, everything changed the moment I introduced my SO to those crime podcasts that my co-workers kept talking about. That moment I knew I’d created a monster (a”murderino”) and that I needed to deal with the consequences: I had to start listening to the podcasts too.

However, I knew murder or crime is something I would not listen to by myself. Like my movies and tv shows, I am very picky about what I consume and it takes me a while to start listening to something. But what topic would I even listen to?

3 Entertaining Podcasts

I wanted to avoid anxiety-inducing podcasts (aka. crime and politics) and to find something that was entertaining. I also wanted to give both my brain and my eyes a break from the crazy daily routine. Convinced that I wasn’t gonna find anything, I was proven wrong by the monster I created! Here are a couple of my favorite podcasts that I started listening so far:

Other Men Need Help Podcast

Exactly the podcast I needed. It felt great to know that there are other men out there thinking about the emblems, habits, and struts in the male performance. On this podcast, Mark Pagan (host and producer) explores the ways OTHER MEN deal with their need for power, cover their insecurities, and crave human connection.

The way that Mark and the rest of the team use storytelling and playful editing makes listening to this podcast a delight. I appreciate the honesty and the vulnerability of the conversations. Within the first episodes, you get to know the challenges of growing up surrounded by women only and the creatives ways that Mark explored the masculinity role.

It feels exciting to find other people questioning similar things and finding creative ways to talk about it. I can’t wait to see them live in NYC! You can read more about this podcast at othermenneedhelp.com and you also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast

This one is a fun and freewheeling podcast about the latest movies, television, books, comics, and music. What I like about this podcast is that it’s from and with people like me: we do not only watch the tv-show but we go beyond and talk about how it was made, who made it, the story behind the inspiration, and many other random facts about it.

I am completely fascinated by other creatives and their process of making entertaining media. So if you are like us and enjoy going deeper than just binge-watching shows, I totally recommend this podcast. Oh also, I really like how they talk about “what makes them happy” on some episodes. You can find other things to read or watch. You can listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast here.

Small Town Murder Podcast

Small Town Murder Podcast

And finally, Small Town Murder podcast. Yes, I know, it’s about murder. But, hear me out. Honestly, their infectious laugh is the reason this podcast is on my list. These two comedians discuss a small town each episode, look at what makes it tick, and a murder that takes place there. Jimmy’s laugh just makes my day better. Also, the traveler in me really likes the fact that they give so many details about these towns. You can listen to Small Town Murder on Itunes and follow them on Twitter @MurderSmall.

Is there any podcast you would recommend? Is there a podcast about travel that you like? Let’s keep this conversation going! Help me get off my computer, close my eyes, and listen to more podcasts.