When Feeling Blue, The City.

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As soon as you feel that crispiness in the air, it is so easy to feel a little bit blue. One of my favorite things about New York is that, within hours, I can be in the city recharging my soul. A fall weekend in the city can make me feel a thousand times better. There is something about the fast pace, the sun hitting your eyes, and the cool breeze at the same time. The right place to embrace the blues, to wear them on your sleeves, to walk it off.

I love just not thinking about walking, and then realizing that I’ve made it to the other side of the city. I find comfort on the craziness, in the million of stories, and the billion of options. I hope that if ever move very far away from city life, that I will always have the chance to come back and connect with it again. I hope to always be O.K. with coming back and walking fast, with headphones on even if you are not listening to music. To have your wallet in your front pocket, and to not be oblivious when walking down the streets. To figure out the subways system with no problem, and to discover the hidden places to eat. To come across random art installations, or a big sale…. I feel a little bit less blue just thinking about it.

I would never know if I will ever be back to living my everyday in a big city, but one thing that I know for sure is that I will always appreciate the possibility of visiting and taking in the energy. You will never feel blue forever, sweater season is not forever. Hopefully the city will always be there for us.

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