Untypical ≠ Man: The Intro

UntypicalMan Blog

I could spend so much time trying to do keyword research, come up with words, hit a length. I could attempt to surprise you with a fancy English word and try to convince you I speak the language. I can go back to forgetting about it for another five years. I can blame it on the impostor, I can blame it on the blues, I can blame it on the lack of time. But here we are.

There is no pressure. There is no anticipation.


UntypicalMan Seed Art

If you ask me about the reason what I do this, there are many. You see, there something about us hyper-creatives that have too many ideas, too many photos, and too many things we would like to do. Traveling, creating art, and using pieces of clothing to express myself is just who I am.  I am honestly using this site as a way to let go, a way to play, a way to express myself. All my life I have been surrounded by art, and I want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the everyday routine.

The beauty of it is that there is a space for mistakes,
exploration, and imperfections.


Untypical Man Travel

My hope is that while my identity continues to evolve, that my vision, my art, and my style continues to evolve too. It has taken a lot of time to know myself more, my queerness, my stands, my beliefs. But it’s worth it, and I am up for documenting these things. I can’t fully tell you what this blog is going to be, but you are invited to hang out and see what happens. I would expect something in between a lifestyle/travel blog and a photography/art blog. I would love to continue to challenge toxic masculinity and educate myself about the gender spectrum and many other topics.

I want to photograph other uncommon men
and meet inspiring human beings.

UntypicalMan Seed Art

I want to continue exploring the world, enjoying the time that I have left, and continue to do good.