Un·typical·man (UM): an individual that identifies as a ‘man’ but is not a strict representation or example of the conventional gender role, and therefore genderqueer. This individual doesn’t identify with conventional gender identities, roles, expression and/or expectations.

I am not by any means an expert in the language of gender, but at least that’s the way I can try to make sense of who I am. Even though I a cisgender male that identifies as a “man”, my gender identity/expression/role is part of this spectrum and fully versatile. I’m just a person that is trying to understand thyself and possibly share his experiences with others that might be experiencing something similar.

The Uncommon Man’s Project

This project is not only about my gender role and my life experiences. Untypicalman.com was born because of a mind saturated with ideas and a hard-drive saturated with photos. I needed a place to channel my vision and document my thoughts, art, and travels. A place where I could educate myself, answer my random questions, and share all with others in the process.

More about expression and less about impression.

This project has been cooking in the back-end slowly (but surely) for the past five years. It has been happening during the time of change and personal discovery when I didn’t want to create a cookie-cutter suit-and-tie fashion blog and participate in cut-throat Twitter chats. Just because I was starting to understand that’s is not who I am.

What will you find on Untypicalman.com?

Like myself and my identity, this site might evolve. I might edit this about page from time to time. As for what I see happening, this site will include pieces and posts about of photography, art, traveling, food, pop-culture, and many other topics.

The untypical ≠ man Disclaimer

As the creator of this site, I appreciate your interest in reading and getting to know the backstory behind this site. Please note that this project is another way for me to improve the way that I communicate my thoughts using the beautiful English language. The language I can proudly call my second.

I will always strive to create pieces of content that are well-written and flawless. Therefore, I appreciate your understanding and for being so cool about it. ✨